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About NexCtrl Inc.

NexCtrl Inc. focuses on solving complex process improvement and conversion problems. Eric J. Bryla owner and founder has 15+ years in experience in advanced controls and automation.  He as built a team of talented individuals who share his devotion to high end service at fair rates.  We believe in supporting and helping local businesses improve their bottom line thru automation.

Improvements with Your Current Process

NexCtrl Inc. stands out with it's process improvements.  All our programmers have programmed large processes and complete plants with 10000+ IO Points.  From our experiences we have found that thru some programming and small mechanical changes an existing process can yield improvements of 2-3%.  To date our best improvement was about 20% on a process line thru program changes alone.  Since we understand process and have the big picture view we can make the surgical programming changes that yield improvements.

Full Turnkey Solutions

Controls and Automation has advanced dramatically in the past few years.  NexCtrl  has your solution for a complete turnkey system.  At NexCtrl we provide process design, process piping, programming, panel fabrication, network design, electrical design every thing you plant needs under one roof.