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NexCtrl Inc. can integrate the latest software maintenance packages and provide custom solutions for maintenance solutions.


S88, Phase Logic, CFR21 Cert. 11, Electronic signatures, Ingredient usage, FDA, recipes, and SFC.  All the major SCADA packages address these requirements.  NexCtrl Inc. can integrate them into your batching systems.


Historical Trending data is one of the best investments.  NexCtrl uses the latest Historical software packages and trending software for data analysis.


Custom Reporting and Data Mining to get the data that is important to the efficiency and productivity.


Clean-in-Place systems are an essential part of the food industry. CIP system is a great place to save energy and water costs 


The SCADA System has revolutionized the Plant floor.  Using the latest SCADA packages from iFIX, WonderWare, RSView and Cimplicity, NexCtrl Inc. uses proven screen navigation and layouts that are intuitive to the operator.


The web allows the visualization of the plant and key indicators to be visible to operation on the office network.  Package and Custom web integration can be provided.