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System Integration                                        Process Controls
GE Proficy iFIX                                                                   Custom Batch Processing
Wonderware                                                                        S88 Batch Processing
RSView                                                                               Recipe Management 
Allen-Bradley Control Logix                                                 Data Collection and Analysis
PLC2, PLC3, PLC5, SLC500                                             Downtime Reporting
GE Fanuc Processors                                                           Process Design Reviews
Databases/Reporting                                                            Batch Reporting

Controls Upgrades                                        HMI Upgrades
PLC2 upgrades to PLC5 or Control Logix                           Wonderware to Latest Version
SLC500 to Control Logix                                                     FIX32 to Latest iFIX Version
PLC5 to Control Logix                                                         Wonderware to iFIX
Other PLC's to Control Logix                                               iFIX to Wonderware
GE 90/30 to GE RX3i                                                          RSView to Latest RSView Version
GE 90/70 to GE RX7i                                                          RSView to Wonderware or iFIX

Training Classes                                            Turnkey Services
Custom Training Classes On-site                                          Process Pipe Welding
Training on your system                                                        Process Design
First, Second and Third Shift Training                                   Control Panel Building
Allen-Bradley PLC's                                                            IT Consulting  
Wonderware, iFIX, RSView HMI's                                     AutoCAD Services
Networking and Ethernet Systems